Saturday, December 25, 2010

End of the year

... And a crazy year it has been! (when is it ever not?)
So, long time since the last update. Been busy getting sick, finishing up finals, and then being lazy for the last week with catching up on the happy things in life, such as finally restarting work on Resonance and doing some art. Hopefully I'll have a nice little digital painting done sometime by the end of the week, its of one of the characters in Resonance that you don't get to meet until the last half of the book. He's one of my favorite character designs, and I'm trying to do his character justice in the art. You'll understand when you see him.

So, with the end of the year coming up, I've also been working on a New Year's Resolution. I don't think I've ever really made a resolution and followed through with it, but this time around, I'm going to need to do this one.

The resolution is two-fold. First, I need to get Resonance done. It is now coming along quite nicely, NaNo made me into quite the rough draft writer (so many things that I need to fix already!) Second, I'm doing a drawing a week. Together, that should take up most of my free time, yay!

Well, Happy Holidays to everyone who reads this, and see you all next year!