Wednesday, February 29, 2012


So, it has been a while since I last posted, mostly due to real-life business and computer issues. However, don't expect extended hiatuses anymore! I have finally managed to pull the money together for a new computer, a machine that can actually handle the Adobe Suite without overheating. It also has other perks, such as being able to play video games, which I promise will not get in the way of my writing (much).

To celebrate this new machine, I thought that I would give a general update on Resonance. I have the first two of seven parts completed, and the rest of it is coming together quite well. My wordcount goal is to be around 87,500 words, or 350 pages, for the full novel. Parts one and two, which are going to be gone over yet again, are already accounting for nearly 25,000 words of that, and by the end of today I will have hit the 30,000 word mark. My 350 page book may be expanding somewhat, and I am not completely set on having Resonance broken into 7 parts, it may instead be 10. That's some of the logistics I'm working out.

Another part of the puzzle I'm working on is how to publish this. There is a reason I needed to have access to my Adobe programs, simply because Resonance will have some illustrations. I'm not going all out, as humans are my weakest point in drawing, however, each human character has a symbol that represents that character. You can see Estevan's (the main character) symbol as the background of the blog. I'm not sure how many publishers will be willing to let me do the illustrations and cover for the book, which is something that I am set on doing. As such, I'm looking into doing self publishing as a legitimate option, and running a Kickstarter to fund it, much like I originally planned to do with Vicious Sun before Resonance took hold of my writing ideas again. To accomplish this, I would need to be able to raise enough funds to cover a professional editor and printing costs, which tends to add up quite a bit.

This is something that I want to make a professional career out of. The first third of Resonance has taken me over three years to write, mainly due to issues with time management during college and real life interference. However, this first section is now nearly polished, and the rest of the book is falling into place quite nicely. I plan to have the entire draft completed within the next month to month and a half. Originally, I was planning on sending out my draft over the last few days, but I'll be honest, having a working computer somewhat distracted me ^^;

For now, I'm going to sit back, drink my chocolate tea, and write.
As a friend of mine says, perseverance is what gets you published. So I'm going to persevere until Resonance sits happily on bookshelves across the nation.