Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Well, hello all my readers! It has been a while since the last post, now hasn't it? For that I do apologize, last semester of college and all that jazz. However, I figured that I should actually give you all an update.
First off, Resonance is not dead. It is on hiatus until I graduate and actually have the time to go over everything and make sure that there are no plot holes and that sort of deal. The final date that I have to have a working rough draft of it is June 30th so I can get my free proof copy from winning NaNoWriMo.
Second, I'm starting to do actual freelance web design, which is making me a bit busier, as I am now working somewhere around 4 part time jobs if you include being a student as a job. I am also in the middle of redesigning my two personal websites, as I managed to pick up for my book stuff and also for my freelance work. There is nothing there, so don't bother visiting it just yet! I'll be sure to post an update when that time comes.
And last but not least, I am working on a bit of a project for one of my classes. If you were wondering where the title for this blog post came from, wonder no more! Neisti'Kegawa, or Dragons of the Vicious Sun, is worldbuilding and species building exercise that began from a dragonology contest on DeviantArt. I have about two weeks left to finish at least the basics, so I will be posting more information on that soon.
Sorry for the short post, but I should have been in bed over an hour ago... lots to do tomorrow!