Friday, January 21, 2011

Finally, an update!

Well, now that my final semester of school is just around the corner, I figured I should probably update my poor ignored blog and website.

So, over the last few weeks, I've been working on getting Resonance panned out. The next week and a half are crunch time (kinda like a NaNo redux!) with finishing things up. I will hopefully have the finished first draft done by January 31st, as long as things keep going well and I don't hit a huge brick wall with the story. I will probably still have some plot things to work out, but hey, a rough draft is meant to be rough, the polishing can come later.
I am also starting to work on a few images for the story, I would really like to publish it with images. I'll start posting some hopefully soon, I haven't decided exactly what I'm going for with some of them, and others are just taking an eternity to finish.

In other news, I have a possible mail thief that apparently likes taking my checks, even though there is no way they would be able to cash an Xcel Energy check. Still, having to keep cancelling checks is by no means how I want to spend my money, so I'm going to cross my fingers and hope that Xcel is just being slow in cashing their payments.

Been doing quite a few hats recently, lots of fun commissions, and looking forward to doing some more so I can hopefully get my Etsy store off the ground.
Also starting to get a few web design jobs, yay, and will be a teacher's assistant for CS 318, the first of the web design classes, also yay! This semester looks like it will be busy (when is it ever not?) but hey, for a last semester it could be much worse.

Although, it would be nice if we had a bit better weather...